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9Apps Text Now

9Apps TextNow : Free Texting & Calling APK

TextNow is one of the main wireless complimentary texting apps fully accessible for all unique devices such as ipad, iphone and Android phones. Accordingly, this app indeed carries out various brilliant features in it and is also recommended to be one of the outstanding apps in the world. This app can be wonderfully captivated by gently tapping on the 9Apps store. Undoubtedly, as of last week of about 200,000 individuals have completely improved their style of texting and calling through the utilization of this app. Not only that, TextNow app grants the complete provision of generating unlimited calls and texting facility to Local USA or Canada Phone Number and thus you can provide your own contact numbers to your friends to the entire extent. Subsequently, by manipulating this app, you can transfer any number of text messages to US and Canada without any additional charges on it.

In addition to it, a user can quite comfortably furnish free of cost calls to any phone numbers in the US and Canada without any limits in it. Moreover, TextNow extends in providing cheapest calling accessibility to more of 230 international countries. And thus, you can remain connected for quite a longer period of time with the rates ranging from much lower than $0.01 per minute. Furthermore, you can even append money or even earn free money by concluding the offers to your own account and generate cheaper rate of international calls to the whole extent. Above all, TextNow Free Calling and Texting APK is fully packed with excellent inspiring features in it, just have a look at the ones listed below.

Unique Attributes of TextNow

1.       Through the manifestation of TextNow app, you can very well generate and accept voice calls

2.       With TextNow app you can even send Emojis, stickers and GIFs to your near and dear ones without a single cost

3.       Complete picture messaging like transferring, accepting and saving pictures are fully optimized in this app

4.       From TextNow App you can assume the access of transferring videos to all your friends and family

5.       Printed version of your voicemail is also applicable in this app

6.       Caller ID is featured in TextNow app

7.       Through the assistance of a password you can secure your messages fully

8.        Forwarding of Calls is optimized in TextNow app

9.       To each transferred Text, you can include your own personalized signature

10.   Modification of Text tone, ringtone and vibration can be easily done in this app

11.   Instant reply can be given to your friends through this app

12.   With one number you can send texts and calls from various devices such as computer, tablet or even from your Android device from any area of the world

13.   TextNow can be continuously synchronized even through the optimization of your mobile device


Overall, TextNow is exclusively free of cost to utilize and therefore get the rapid download of this app by tapping on the app store of 9Apps App and begin sending and accepting limitless texts, pictures, videos and many more without any obstacles in it.


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